Machine Technology - swiss machining, CNC, precision CNC, tooling, medical, dental, aerospace, defense, hydraulic, and automotive instruments
Machine Technology - swiss machining, CNC, precision CNC, tooling, medical, dental, aerospace, defense, hydraulic, and automotive instruments

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CNC Fast Hole EDM Drilling

Once considered a last resort for drilling holes, Fast Hole EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) Drilling is quickly becoming the standard method for producing small, tight tolerance holes. It is an extremely cost effective method for producing fast and accurate holes into all sorts of conductive materials, whether hard or soft. EDM drilling operates on the principal of eroding material via the use of electric energy. The work piece is submerged in dielectric fluid and an electrode sends a spark across the gap between the electrode and the work piece, eroding the material, and the dielectric fluid flushes the minute chips away.

There are many advantages of using EDM drilling versus conventional drilling.

Drilling on Curved, Spherical and Angled Surfaces

When holes must be drilled on curved, spherical or angled surfaces, great difficulties arise with conventional drilling. Drills tend to walk off of such surfaces. To prevent this, fixtures and guide bushings must be used. With EDM drilling, the electrode never contacts the material being cut, thus eliminating the tool pressure normally experienced when drilling on curved or angled surfaces. EDM drilling is especially useful for drilling straight or angled holes in surgical or medical grade tubing through one or both sides.

Drilling Hardened and Soft Materials

Some materials are too hard to drill using conventional methods. The EDM machine drills through almost any conductive material including carbide and hardened steel. Some soft metals can produce gummy chips, leading to problems with conventional drilling. Since the chips are constantly flushed with EDM drilling, speed, accuracy and concentricity can be maintained.

Deburring and Finish

Deburring holes drilled by conventional methods can take longer than the drilling. EDM drilling creates no burrs. This burr-free drilling saves time and labor, and is especially crucial when difficult holes are being drilled. In addition, surface finishes are better with EDM drilling. The smaller the hole, the more important a smooth surface is. By reducing the discharge energy, holes can be polished.

Deep Hole Drilling

Drilling small, deep holes with conventional methods is often extremely difficult if not impossible. EDM drilling is often the only practical method for producing such holes. As conventional drills enter or exit, they can break if torque is not carefully controlled. Small broken drills are often difficult to remove from the work piece, and time is wasted replacing broken drills and parts may have to be scrapped. With EDM drilling, torque conditions do not exist since the electrode never contacts the work piece.

Machine Technology, Inc. operates a Current EDM Drilling machine. We primarily use it to drill precise holes in medical and dental instruments, but its uses are varied and include drilling holes in turbine blades, fuel injectors, cutting tool coolant holes, hardened punch ejector holes, plastic mold vent holes, and starter holes for wire EDM. If you require close tolerance, small holes, EDM Drilling is the technology to utilize.

Machine Technology Inc.’s CNC EDM Fast Hole Drilling Machine:

(1) Current EDM CT300

Drills straight or angled holes .004” Ø to .256” Ø
Drilling depth up to 300 times the electrode diameter
3 axes and 9 coordinate systems with automatic part referencing
X-Axis Travel 12”, Y-Axis Travel 8”, Z-Axis Travel 12”




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