Machine Technology - swiss machining, CNC, precision CNC, tooling, medical, dental, aerospace, defense, hydraulic, and automotive instruments
Machine Technology - swiss machining, CNC, precision CNC, tooling, medical, dental, aerospace, defense, hydraulic, and automotive instruments

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

- William A. Foster

Quality Assurance

At Machine Technology, Inc., quality is our main business principle. Each and every employee understands that conforming to the requirements of the customer is priority #1. If the parts do not meet quality requirements, a low price and on-time delivery are not as valuable. Reputation is built on quality, and we are proud of our reputation.

Machine Technology, Inc. maintains continuous control over all processes to ensure that each step, from raw material to shipment, meets or exceeds the quality expectations of our customers and of our company. Certificates of Conformance, Certifications, and sample parts for customer inspection are provided upon request.

Machine Technology, Inc. employs several quality control programs.
  • Compliance to ISO 9001, 9002, and 9003, ASQ, ANSI, and Military Standards and Specifications, ANSI and Military Standard requirements.
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) to verify that each process is under control and within specifications.
  • Total Quality Management encompassing:
    • Vendor Approval to ensure our suppliers’ capability to supply material, tooling, etc. that meets specifications.
    • Quality Training to familiarize employees with standards, processes, and systems.
    • Contract Review to thoroughly understand and document all requirements related to the customer’s order.
    • Job Instructions detail step-by-step the requirements of each job to ensure efficient conformance.
    • Effective Communication between all managers, employees and departments to ensure adherence to standards, processes, and systems.
    • Quality Audits to examine our standards, processes, and systems and the degree to which all requirements of conformance are being met, and to plan implementation of changes and improvements to our standards, processes, and systems.
    • Corrective Action to detail and correct any deficiencies related to quality issues and conformance.
    • Machine Maintenance is regularly scheduled to minimize down-time due to repairs and to keep machines running at maximum efficiency to maintain tight tolerances. In addition, our shop is climate controlled to help ensure consistency in manufacturing.
    • Inspection and Testing is performed during all stages of manufacturing: Receiving, First Article, In-Process, and Final.
    • Shipping and Receiving is managed to ensure that all materials and products are received in good condition and as required and that all shipments are packaged and shipped according to customer’s requirements, and to ensure that no damage occurs during transit.
    • Invoicing and Documentation occurs in our office and ensures that each order is invoiced correctly, charged to the correct purchase order and shipped to the correct facility, and that all required documentation is furnished to the customer.
    • Inventory Control systems for raw materials, tooling etc., in-process, and completed parts are maintained and constantly updated to service our customers with efficient, on-time deliveries, especially for those customers requiring just-in-time and kanban type deliveries.

Machine Technology, Inc. has a full-time Quality Assurance department which has the overall responsibility for ensuring conformance of all first article, in-process and completed parts. This department uses a variety of inspection and testing tools and methods, including:

  Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
Optical Comparators
24” x 36” Granite Surface Plates
18” and 24” Mitutoyo Height Gages
Meyer Plug Gage Sets
Dapra Block Gage Sets
Concentricity Gages
Micro Air Hole Gages
All standard hand inspection tools

Machine Technology, Inc. welcomes potential customers to visit our facility for a quality audit. Please call to set up an appointment.



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